The Very Breast of FoodShelterAndClothing

“FoodShelterAndClothing are prolific!
Finally, the boys from Bacolod are curating an exhibit of their classics and all time favorites
for fans and first timers wanting a taste of their demented sweetness.”

Writer/Blogger/Philippine Goth Icon

"I heard Cybersong during the 90's and i was surprised to hear that a band from Bacolod did this?!
I was totally blown away and became an instant and forever be a fan of fs&c.
Thanks for the influence mates."

Keyboardist, Tanya Markova

"They're best thing that ever happened to music since groupies!"

Hip hop artist/ producer/ AMPON member

"If you've never heard of Bacolod City's b(r)e(a)st-kept secret (not the chicken dish, though that is equally awesome), then you must be living under a rock. FoodShelterAndClothing has outlasted every self-proclaimed indie band out there. They may not have sold as many records as the Eraserheads, but they have been as influential if not more to many bands who have chosen the road-less-taken DIY way. Their innovative and makeshift recording techniques have earned them the admiration of other musicians who utilize home recording to keep their music free from major label fluff. They have transcended genres, but still maintain the classic spirit of rock and roll, which is all about giving the established status quo and trend the musical equivalent of a raised middle finger. This compilation marks their years of continuing achievement, when other underrated Filipino bands have all but broken and given up. These guys deserve to be the called the heavyweights of the Pinoy indie scene solely by sheer longevity and for being the most prolific even with the least of resources. (I'm sure Bong will crack a joke about his, um, weight.)"

electronic musician/producer, CERUMENTRIC

If you were stranded in an island with little shelter, no food, and clothing is sparse then this is the album that I wouldn't want to part with as it embraced all genres of music giving it fsc's twist and personality taking the music to a higher definition on the realities of life that people just refuse to accept. The songs in its entirety gives sanity to a demented perspective with the moving lyrics of PABRIKA, DRUGSTAR, THE PHARMACY, and OKAY.

If you seek something commercially glamorous or some sense of eargasmic fantasy then would consider their raw and deep sensibility as far all stages of music are combined.

Dare to believe in the honesty of their music and those beats that pump like a churning machine. It's not all about the drums and the bass but in the power and raw manifesto that they have to release this.

The very breast, the heart that beats indeed!

music correspondent/blogger/events producer, Skyray is Love

What? Another compilation? Haha.

I came to know FoodShelterAndClothing through the local compilation 8 Track that I, as names are for tombstones, was also a part of. We were the only electronic acts in the compilation and I was happy to discover another project sharing a similar background and taste in music.

I want to believe they are a bunch of cool dudes (LOL!) since I have not met them yet. But exchanges through the years have indicated so (them being cool and fun loving guys) and we have collaborated a couple of times already through their remix/cover of NAFT's song Watari's Machine and my remix/rearrangement of their song Meet The Dead.

Looking forward to hearing and working more with these prolific and resilient (since late 80's!) guys.

Noel Acosta
electronic musician/ producer, Names Are For Tombstones

Side One:
1.     Okay (Another Mix) +
2.     The Pharmacy (Prescription Mix) +
3.     FoodNotBombs (Carlin’s World)
4.     Bum Baby (Nite Version) +
5.     Krafty (Brutal Mix) +
6.     The Manifest (Full Length Version)
7.     Meet The Dead (Zombiefied Mix) +
8.     Tokers Now! Feat. Aero (Water Pipe Mix)
9.     Communique (Outbox Mix)
10. Drugstar (Pusherman’s Video Mix)
11. Hate (Aggravated Assault Mix) +
12. Pabrika (Industriyalisasyon) Feat. Elemento

Side Two:
13. Okay (Original ’05 Version)
14. The Pharmacy (Original ‘05 Version)
15. FoodNotBombs (A Safer World) +
16. Bum Baby (Club Nowhere Mix) +
17. Krafty (Blitz Mix)
18. The Manifest (Demo Version)
19. Tokers Now! Feat. Aero (Original Version)
20. Meet The Dead (NAFT’s Reanimation Mix)
21. Communique (Original Inbox Version)
22. Drugstar (Original Version)
23. Theme From Dungeons and Drugwhores
24. Pornitude (Bitch House Mix) +

(+) Previously unreleased track, exclusive to this album.
All tracks produced and arranged by fs&c, except where indicated.
All words and music by fs&c, except where indicated.
This compilation remixed and remastered from the original .wav files
by the roadside bums for stickysweetsounds.
P and C SSS Records 2010

Main credits:
Bong – vocals, over-all programming, digi-drums/percussions, samples, keyboards
Jem – bass, sequencer programming on trk. 1, 2, 13, 14, vocals on 3, 7, 15, 20
Chris – guitar on 21, 22
Roland – lead guitar on 6
Aero – rap on 8, 19
Elemento – spoken word sampled from their original track, “Industriyalisasyon”
NAFT – remix and additional music on 20

Extra credits:
Track 3 contains a spoken word sample from George Carlin (R.I.P.)
Track 4 contains samples from “Nite Runner” by Duran Duran and Timbaland
Track 5 and 17, original words & music by New Order, with samples from their
song “Crystal”. Coda lyrics on trk. 5 are from “Love Vigilantes”.
Track 12, coda lyrics from 
"Crushed by the Wheels of Industry" by Heaven 17
Track 24 contains samples from “Spiritualized” by K Klass

The Greatest Tits (2005-2010)

This anthology chronicles our full-on foray into computer-based recording and production. For the luddites that we are, we only managed to start doing such back in 2005 (I finally got to own a workable desktop pc in late 2004). The same year when we were invited to play the Bacolod leg of the (now defunct) concert series. Being reduced to a 2 man band, we crammed and began producing music (using a hardware sequencer patched to the pc’s soundcard via our trusty 4 track cassette recorder circa 1993, then mixed down to a mini-disc, remember those?) that became the backing tracks for our 15 minute set (as documented on the DVD “BADACIDFLICKS”). One of the songs, was the revamped version of our 1995 single, The Pharmacy which ended up on Fiestamundo's site.  We reckon, the original ’95 version was pretty much the definitive one, which can be true. But perhaps, this version made a decade later, is just as valid, and apparently a different specie altogether, with a certain menace and a sonic wallop that we thought was missing from the first version. I reckon, if the original was inspired by LSD and codeine, this version is more like a line of coke with a tab of E! The Pharmacy was also featured in one of the Overtune Project online compilation albums in 2006.  Also, in the same year, we were asked by Sleepyheads' frontman Erick Encinares to contribute a song for an album, the very limited edition "8 Track" CD (now a collectors item), which we did with the then newly re-recorded version of Okay. FYI, it was one of the earliest songs we put on tape (1993), and since the original cassette recording was deemed as unplayable by then, we decided, it’s worthy enough to be resuscitated and given the modern treatment it deserves.  As of this writing, Okay is still hovering’s alternative charts, which perhaps makes it our most “popular” shit online. Well, besides the porn we posts on our multiply site.

Later on in 2006, I got an email asking us if we could produce a track for an online compilation which features a host of international indie acts of various genres to help give focus to the non-profit organization, Food Not Bombs (yeah, hence the song!). The album was released around 2007, dubbed as “Escape Into Oblivion”.
It was also around this time, when we tried giving new life to some of our past tracks which we thought weren’t given much justice due to our lack of the right equipment back in the day, one of which was the supposedly “clubby vibe” of Bum Baby originally done back in 1995 which was then recorded using a crude guitar sampler. By the way, yes the song is about yours truly. You know what they say…write about what you know! Anyhow, making electronic dance music has always been one of our goals since day one, and having a computer at our disposal was a realization of that dream. Ergo, “the full-on 4 on the floor with blinding strobelights” version of Bum Baby included right here. Incidentally, both versions of Bum Baby and Krafty (Brutal Mix) were never officially released, thus are exclusive to this compilation. Whilst Krafty (Blitz Mix) was included in the SSS compilation, HolidaySSS.
Speaking of Krafty, it was also around '07 when Lionel Valdellion (QED Records' head honcho) mentioned in one of his posts on his online label's site, that it'd be a good idea if he could release a New Order tribute album, featuring all Pinoy acts, particularly those on QED’s roster. Being such massive fans of the Mancunian lot, we immediately started working on Krafty, which for us was quite a fitting track, considering it’s the first single from the last New Order album. And I'd like to think that its title is an homage of sorts to one of their main influence, Kraftwerk, in which we're also huge fans of (duh!). Unfortunately, that planned tribute was shelved, maybe because we’re the only ones who actually went on and recorded a track?. Regardless of which, we're proud of this version, and we thought it was just right that we're actually able to do it, and not just on a live setting (note: we used to cover Dream Attack and Love Vigilantes during our days with The Bottles). Speaking of which, The Manifest was actually written with our former band in mind. To those familiar enough (man, you’re old!) with our ancient sound, it's actually the closest thing we can get to 1989 without the aid of a time machine. Fuck, we even employed the fretwork prowess of Roland (a veteran heavy metal axeman from Bacolod) to do all the scorching solos to make the nostalgia trip plausible. And to this day, if there is one song that truly represented our genre-bending musical roots, hands down, The Manifest is it! In fact it was so dear to us, it’s our only song which was released as a triple maxi-single with a countless number of versions, and remixes from various acts. Unfortunately, I don’t think a lot of people actually heard of it at all! But we’re not surprised really, considering that back in 2008, it was like the height of fuckin Emo and Hipster shit, and those pussies would rather weep and die on a dark corner with their skinny jeans on, than listen to a song that goes “We’re the suicide bombers, motherfuckers. Leading your daughters to the slaughter!”

Now, if there is one song that came by accident on this compilation, it's Tokers Now! Recorded in under an hour, one lazy Saturday afternoon, while chillin’ with one of Sugar City's finest hip hop son Aero. Take note, it was actually the first time we met!!! Though I've heard from sources that he is one helluva freestyler, and apparently he proved that fact (his rap was a one take wonder yo!). We consider it as the sequel to our 1993 song, Tokers Inc.. Ah the mindboggling delights of beer and weed.
Later that evening, right after Jem recorded his tracks for his FucktheFuckingFuckers' project. I saw in one of his notes the lyrics for Meet The Dead. I told him, I wrote an “ode to robots” which might suit his words, and it’ll be perfect as our Halloween single! By the way, the song has nothing to do with ghouls and ghosts, it’s about 'em poor "white collar zombies" (nee office/factory drones), that we all dread of becoming.
As for Communique and Drugstar, both tracks we're recorded again in one afternoon, when our longtime guitarist Christian (who is based in Japan) came by for a visit. Apparently, the dude's chops are still tight enough to do such disparate songs in one session. Incidentally Communique (Inbox Mix) was featured in A Sound Relief (2009), an online benefit album for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy, as produced and compiled by Erik "Cerumentric" Fabian. Whilst the Outbox Mix, was included in the Digi-Love compilation series, produced and compiled by laptop muso Happyboy

As for Drugstar, perhaps it’s one of our most popular track here in Sugar City based on the number of months (yes, months!) it stayed on Killer Bee FM’s Indie Charts. It’s quite amusing having a pro-drugs song being aired on mainstream radio!
In early 2010, Happyboy asked if I could contribute a spoken word bit to a project he's working on. Using my damn cellphone as a voice recorder, and half a bottle of brandy, Hate was born! As honest as I want to have it on record, I left my stuttering and quivering voice in! it's one fucked up stream-of-consciousness bit! Now please don't ask me who the person is I'm referring to in it…I'll never tell! Trivia, this is the only Pinoy song I know in existence that contains the ancient and mystical Hispanic term of endearment, “Hijo de Puta” in the lyrics!
Regarding Pabrika (Industriyalisasyon), you can read my comprehensive notes right HERE.
Oh yeah, The Theme from Dungeons and Drugwhores, is actually the “b side” (bonus track) of the Drugstar maxi single.
And Pornitude is partly a 2010 update of our 1996 “piano on meth” track Amphibian Ambition, from the album “A Series of Low Blows”, and also included in "Analogue Whores". And parts of it are outtakes from the Pabrika sessions. Its just a little attempt to go back to our jazz roots…with an imaginary porn flick soundtrack in mind!

Now, you might be wondrin’ how much lazier one can get having only these handful of tracks released over the past 5 years? On the contrary,  it’s the busiest time of our entire musical existence ever! All throughout that time period, we did the FFF project, and our collaboration with Las Vegas-based Drum n Bass artist Trihexy, dubbed as StripStrip. While on a personal level, as The Roadside Bums, I was doing loads of remastering and remixing work for almost all SSS releases
(and managing the label too!), as well as doing post-production work for the entire FS&C back catalogue which were subsequently released online. I also did some songwriting and production stints for Joyce Agacer, The Colloidal Mixtures, Light$leep3r, Moaner Lisa, El Kiko's Way, Hardwater (a full-length endeavor called The Prophecy), The Ministry of Truth and most recently, doing  post-production duties for L1nt3ch. I also still have pending collaborations with Dhubbly and Cycosis. And don’t forget, I even had the time to do The PodCraSSSh! I guess, we’re too lazy to do anything else but music! Hell, I can’t wait for 2011 to do more of the same shit! Which reminds me,  I have to sincerely thank all the lovely peeps mentioned here, for letting me mess with their ouvres, and also to everyone who gave us the opportunity to let us do what we always wanted to do. Y’all been such a blessing and an inspiration.
Finally, to those who are familiar with our most recent compilation, Analogue Whores, perhaps now the circle is complete…we proudly present to you…Digital Pimps!

Bum Baby



Meet The Dead E.P. - FoodShelterAndClothing

Please click the picture above to enlarge

Halloween TreatSSS!

The electro-industrial mayhem of L1nT3ch

Bone-crushing alt-metal of Dezmigraena

A Ramones homage by Katumbal

Laptop jazz and worldbeats by The Ministry of Truth

Happy Halloween from StickySweetSounds!

Wiretapped by The Ministry of Truth

(Contains 192kbps Mp3 files and hi-res CD sleeve)

1.  The Dead Works
2. 1802 Promises
3. The Sweeper Seas
4. Sola Gratia
5. Ye Olde Radiowealth
6. The Sweeper Returns
7. 1802 Promises (TRB Remix) +

All tracks written, arranged, and produced by The Ministry of Truth,
except (+) additional music, arrangement, and remix by The Roadside Bums.
Remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds.
SSS Records 2010

Click the photo above to enlarge

The Ministry of Truth are Osaka-born Himori Araiku and
DJwhoTECH of Brazil. Both met at a dance school in New York
in 2007 and have collaborated with each other from art shows
to small productions.

DJwhoTECH is a graphic artist by profession and Himori Araiku
works for an automobile company.

Tiano MD (Nancy Brew frontman)
is a musician from Bacolod, Philippines and collaborates
with the Ministry of Truth when schedules permit him.

SSS supports EDW8!

SSS Records is an official sponsor of Eternal Death Wake 8. 
In line with this will be the “re-launching’ of the compilation album HolidaySSS
limited edition CD copies of which, will be given away for FREE during the event.
For more info please visit the EDW8 official site (link above).

The Ramones Tribute E.P. - KATUMBAL

(a choice of 2 versions, one is the original band mix, 
and the other is the roadside bums remastered mix. 
each contains hi bit rate mp3 files and original hi res cd sleeve)


01. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
02. Rock N' Roll High School
03. Pet Cemetery
04. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

All tracks written by The Ramones,
except for track 04, words and music
by Lemmy Kilmister/ Motorhead
Arranged, produced, and performed by KATUMBAL

SSS Records 2010


Elcid Elumba - Lead vocals, Guitars
Artson Elumba - Drums, back-up vocals  
Deaux Magbanua - Bass, back-up vocals

For more info and music, please
visit KATUMBAL on Reverbnation

"The Search For The Crime Noise Volunteered Vandal " - L1NT3CH


*File includes a hi-resolution Printable CD Sleeve, bonus pictures, txt info, 
and all tracks are encoded at hi-bit Mp3 rates for maximum quality

All songs written, arranged, and produced by M,
except for "Surface Cause", M with additional music,
arrangement, and post-production by The Roadside Bums.

Mixed by Wilbert Tan

Mastered by The Roadside Bums at
the BeatenBlackandBlue Studio,
Sugar City, Philippines

Lintech is:

Music, Programming: M

Lintech Live is:

Jermaine Cordero
Randolf Franc Diaz
 Alan Oliveros

Click here for more L1NT3CH INFO

2010 Planet M, 2010
All Rights Reserved
2010 SSS Records
P and C 2010 All Rights Reserved

For REAL industrial fans, turn up the volume.
Otherwise, Hold your breath and wait.

- M


"2006/2008" by Dezmi-graena

SIDE ONE (2006)

Sado Masochist

Pakz Gonzaga - Mic
Bobo Datuon - Bass
Unyot Asong - Drums
JBee Borbajo - Guitar
Jimbo Protacio - Guitar
Kid Guevarra - Additional Live Guitar

"LEADER", "OANADNIM" music by Mark Tiongco, arranged by JB Borbajo
"MANUBO", "MUMHO", "TRIPPINGZ" music and arrangement by JB Borbajo
"BANGUNGOT", "SADO MASOCHIST" music and arrangement by Kid Guevarra
"SADO MASOCHIST" additional arrangement by JB Borbajo

Dezmi-graena music P & C 2006

SIDE TWO (2008)

Tita Glorieta
Chain Reaction
Battlescars of Juan
When silence Meets Noise
Sado Masochist
Beep Beep Beep

Pakz Gonzaga - Mic
Cristobel Mejica - Guest Mic
Bobo Datuon - Bass
Unyot Asong - Drums
Kid Guevarra - Guitar
Don Tan - Guitar

"TITA GLORIETA", "MUMHO" music by JB Borbajo, arranged by Kid Guevarra & Don Tan
"LEADER" music by Mark Tiongco, arranged by Don Tan
"CHAIN REACTION" music by Mark Tiongco, arranged by Kid Guevarra
"BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" music by Juan dela Cruz, arranged by Kid Guevarra

All words by Pakz Gonzaga & Karina Gonzaga
Except "Beep, Beep, Beep" by Juan dela Cruz Band

Mixed and recorded by Bryan Arzaga @ Soundtrackz Studios, Negros Oriental
"BATTLESCARS OF JUAN",soundbites taken from the documentary "Batas Militar"

Dezmi-graena music P & C 2008

All tracks remixed and remastered by The Roadside Bums
for StickySweetSounds.
SSS Records 2010

Kid "EJ" Guevarra
JBee Borbajo (R.I.P.)
are members of
Tanya Markova

The Sneaky Bastards: Live @ The Malo Funhouse


"It's the bastard son of Public Image Ltd. (circa Metalbox), 
and Nuggets-era garage rock with an improvisational jam band twist!"

01. Take it Away
02. LAX
03. Triple Trouble
04. It's Your Fault
05. You Sneaky Bastard!

The Sneaky Bastards are:
Gerard : guitar,vocals
Ian : bass
Midnite Ryan : drums,percussions

All tracks written, arranged, produced,
and recorded live and direct (no overdubs!)
by The Bastards,on August 2010,
at The Malo Funhouse, Los Angeles, CA., USA

Remastered by The Roadside Bums for


The PodCraSSSh! (An SSS Podcast)– Various Artists


Tanya’s Inferno (Infernal Mix) by The Roadside Bums (feat. Tanya Markova) *
Butterfuck (Remix) by FullTimeBigot *
Regression on The Dancefloor by Zakada
Instrumental Shit by The Dirty Lolitas
Pabrika (Industriyalisasyon) by FoodShelterAndClothing + Elemento #
Waters of Men by Dhubbly
Bum Baby Smokes with Six The Northstar *
The Sweeper Seas by Ministry of Truth
As U Can Be by Trotsky and The Nosebleeds *
Dimsum by Light$leep3r *

(*) tracks exclusive to this compilation
(#) taken from the upcoming benefit album “Out of Element” by Various Artists

All tracks written and produced by its respective artists.
 Hosted by Bum Baby
Podcast recorded live on Aug. 31, 2010
at The Beaten Black n Blue Studio, Brgy. Sum-ag,
Bacolod City, Neg. Occ. , Phils.
Interview with Six conducted on Aug. 08. 2010 on location
@ Plaza Mart, Bacolod City using a portable voice recorder.
Remastered and produced by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds
P and C SSS Records 2010

(in no particular order)

Anim, Tanya Markova,
Ian Laczi, Kruger, Jem.
Spuky Pontino, Tiano, Giz, Max, Neurox,
Blend:er, Elemento, Peckel C.,
Pol C. ,,
Manuel the Man,
Tonette, Tengal,
Souljah P, Tungkod,
Mavi, Nobelle, Arlyn,
Rolin, Ian Roy, Arnold,
Pen, Giovanni, Budj n’ Wella,
Aftersyx blogspot,
 Generoso, Gran Matador Premium,
Don Enrique, Marlboro Lights,
All the China goods store at downtown BC,
All the Jack Sparrows at Era Mall and 888,
Tuseran Forte Capsule,
Erik Lacson, Pablo Reyes,
Aliester, all my online pals,
And to everyone who had the patience to listen to my spaced out ramblings…
(you should be thankful indeed for I actually just edited it to less than hour!)
Next time ill drink and smoke more shit…PROMISE!

Bum Baby

So why did I do a podcast? Well, SSS already released a coupla’ compilation albums, and right now there’s no reason to do another one.
Besides, even your damn dog does it, so why can’t I?

"Global Warming EP" - Gadfly

Before the "shock pop" of Tanya Markova and the alternative rock of Barbi Na Doll, there was the two-tone and island riddims of Gadfly...

01. Marry Me Jane
02. Barbeach
03. Pass Me By
04. Global Warming
05. Marry Me Jane (Ras $leep3r Varshon)
06. Barbeach (Roadside Bum Extended Dub)

Words and music by Edu Broce, Jet-jet Maranon and Jasper Borbajo
Performed, arranged, and produced by Gadfly (2002)
Track 5 remixed by Light$leep3r
Track 6 additional music and remix by The Roadside Bums

Remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds


The Gadfly Generations
(Notes from the Gadfly HQ)

Before we consider these blokes as “the ska proponents of Bacolod and Neg. Occ.” they were a part of the genre-hopping generation (yes, we mean the 90’s). It was 1995 when Emman Villacrusis (guitarist of Manila-based underground metal/hardcore outfit "Isvarah") thought of naming a newly formed band along with brothers Edu and Carlo Broce. He was interested with the name "gadfly" while reading a book and looked for the meaning of it in the dictionary and it was defined as "a term used for flies that annoy horses and other livestock" and "a person who upsets the status quo". By then they started to play Alice in Chains, Dishwalla and Silverchair covers (trivia: they were all based in San Carlos City and they're schoolmates in La Salle Bacolod as well). It was also for a fact that Ray and Bambam of Vertigo were a part of the first generation of the band.
New line up changes was made and on 1998 when Angelo Cosas filled in the shoes as a new frontman he delivered lines with stage antics akin to the likes of the baggy pants of former mortician Jonathan Davis while playing Coal chamber covers, he kicked a lot of serious ass. Another batch of shoe-fillers namely QQ Quisumbing and Jasper Borbajo (s.o.s/barbi na doll/tanya markova) shared the vocal chores with QQ doin' some growls and Jasper does the rapping (?) doing covers of tracks by Soulfly, System of a down, Limp Bizkit made them the nu metal band to beat. It was also the same year when Jetjet Maranon(original bassist and soon the new vocalist) came into the picture again and suggested to incorporate some punk and ska  like a bit of  Rancid, Jimmies chicken shack, Goldfinger and Down by Law...the late Jbee Borbajo(Barbi Na Doll/Tanya Markova) became the bassist when Carlo Broce left the band to work as an International Flight Attendant.

With the help of Jay Art/Boyet Descutido shelving out records (on original cassette tapes) with Red Grageda (a professed skinhead of Manila and at that time a resident and owning an LPG business in Homesite, Bacolod)..They offered a lot from their record collections for Gadfly to be immersed in "ska/reggae/swing/rocksteady" genres. Lots of Tanduay long neck rhums were downed before they thought of adding a horn section. They scouted from La Salle and San Agustin Brass band members to officially make it a seven piece band with Gardo Gallespen on Sax, Allan Lecciones and Jued Lanawan on Trumpet(owning their personal credits to Mr. Joseno Panisales for letting them borrow the instruments in school). With sharp costumes, pork pie hats, two tone motifs and suspenders made it their image which stood out amongst all the local bands in Sugar City...Playing Reel big fish, The Specials, Put3ska, Bob Marley, Mighty Bosstones and even Tropical Depression made them an instant hit with exposures on the local media and other special events, and even in out-of-town gigs. Original songs like "Marry me Jane" and "Global Warming" became their staples and were included in the “Suck Sugarcane Suck” (2002) compilation album, featuring some of Bacolod's finest bands. Their national breakthrough is when they were included in the ClubSka Manila underground compilation  "Piliskapinas" which had their song "Bar/Beach" included. Gadfly inspired a lot of local bands like Ganjam, Grin Leafy Vegetables, Sideska Tempura, Javaskaggs, Cindy Poppin', Ninja Star Piaya and even the city’s premiere pop-punk band, Katumbal produced an awesome “punkified” cover of “Marry Me Jane” .
In 2004, when they got tired of stomping their boots, they explored other Jamaican flavas like dancehall, reggae and dub. T’was around this time when they added keyboardists  (Brian and Rommel), all around “emergency men” (Bombom and Kid) plus Storky on percussion and Pakz of Dezmegraena on vocals, on various sessions. There’s also an unrecorded song, “Tripping Dub” which is the bands fave, and they hope to be able to put on tape real soon.
Currently, six of the members are already based in Manila where they occasionally do gigs, and they even took the time to do a one-off reunion here in Sugar City last year. Apparently the lads are keeping the fires a burnin' as we raise a glass for them. May Gadfly continue to “annoy” us mammals with more of their fly sounds.

"Analogue Whores (Double Album) - FoodShelterAndClothing

                                        FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

Musicas de Putas

Back in the day when every aspiring band in the country was trying hard to be the next Eraserheads, and every major record label were cashing in on the bandwagon of what they marketed as "alternative" Pinoy rock. These hicks from Sugarlandia were busy reinventing OPM by assimilating global music trends mixed with their prime influences from all over the musical map. Furiously writing, recording, and even independently releasing their own cassette albums, and selling them via mail-order (yes kids, it’s what your folks refer to as the pre-internet days). Never once succumbing to local tastes (thank heavens for that) but satisfying their own. FoodShelterAndClothing may not have mattered to most OPM pundits as they have never quite achieved the recognition and adoration of the mainstream. Not to mention, their proximity from Manila, where all the supposedly hot shit acts are. But as apparent to this collection, they have accomplished something close or even akin to most unsung yet seminal music legends of the past, who eventually became influential in their own right.
As far as this writer is concerned, they opened up my senses to the then burgeoning electronica and dance music scenes, when grunge and novelty type Pinoy pop ruled the airwaves. They fueled my angst-filled teen years with industrial metal and electro-punk when everyone I know were proclaiming their love of Axl Rose and Bon Jovi. Hell, they (FS&C) even preceded the 80's retro phenomenon of the 00's inanely dubbed as "nu rave" and "electro-clash" with their penchant for producing unabashed synth-pop ditties (whilst garbed in collared shirts and blazers), back when everyone was busy aching to be the new guitar god. Moreover, I recall back in 1992, that  they are also one of the few “rock-oriented” bands to have actually utilized the turntable as an instrument, long before the advent of the so called “nu metal” bands with their hip hop posturings. Pioneers you say? Maybe, but after listening to their stuff, its safe to say, that they are no more than a
bunch of freaks who’s just always one step ahead of the pack.
These collection of tracks from their "analogue vault",are more than enough evidence that FS&C is not a "has been" nor a "never was" (apparently, they are more like the “been there, done that” types), but perhaps they can now be regarded as a bonafide icon, that is regardless of where your musical affiliations lie. Perhaps they are considered as the true "Lo-Fi Warriors" (as stated in one of their concert flyers from more than a decade ago) in some parallel universe, where the late John Peel is alive and is the house DJ, Godflesh and Kraftwerk are the house bands, non-working holidays are declared whenever there's a festival featuring Can, Joy Division, The Doors, and The Velvet Underground, and yes, a place where David Bowie is the prime minister, and The Sex Pistols and The Clash are members of the parliament.   Now, unlike that old adage: "the more you change, the more you stay the same", in a musical sense, FS&C is the complete anti-thesis of that! So here's looking forward to them “staying the same, yet forever changing”, while we await for the next collection. "Digital Bitches",  anyone? 

Green Girl For A Blue World
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
2:41 PM

Listening to FoodShelterAndClothing is “required reading” for any self-respecting musician in this country.  To not know fs&c is like singing Lupang Hinirang in English. 
Analogue Whores marks the beginning of the revolution!

Triad Records CEO,
Frontman of The Rubberduckies/Hardwater

(Part One 1992 to 1995)

1. Funnybones
2. Scorpio In Jupiter
3. Doof!
4. Conversations
5. Do I Have To?
6. Waco World
7. Tokers Inc.
8. The Mommy Factor
9. The Feast
10. Maggots
11. Disaster Brigade
12. Main Man
13. Bum Baby

 (Part Two: 1995 to 1996)

14. The Opposition
15. Boy Beats World
16. Scully’s Song
17. The Storm I
18. Another Opening
19. Rusted With Gold
20. The Oscillator
21. The Streaker
22. Amphibian Ambition
23. Swingaway
24. The Bugger
-Bonus Tracks-
25. The Pharmacy (live & direct, 1995)
26. Spaced Out (The Bottles, 1992)

(Cast of Characters)
Jem – bass, lead vocals on 8, 9, 10, 19, 21, 24,
          guitar on 13, 16, synth-bass on 19
Chris – guitar on 2, 4, 9-12, 14, 15, 19-21,23-25,
             additional synths on 12, 20, 21, 23, 24,
Bong – vocals, drums, percussions, guitar on 1, 6, 8, synthesizers,
             harmonica on 9, turntables on 4, 7, 12,  17, 21, samples,
             electro-scratcher, over-all drum and synth programming
Ian – guitar on 7, bass, words, and vocals on 16, synths on 26
Pen – synthesizers on 5, 17, 23
Hugene – drums on 1,2, 5, 25
Aliester – spoken word on 6
Ariel Simon – guitar on 26

 (Song Credits)

Words and music by FoodShelterandClothing except where indicated.
Track 2 contains lyrics lifted from the ff., Kate Bush (Cloudbusting),
Human League (LoveAction), Simple Minds (New Gold Dream),
and David Bowie (Fashion).
Track 4, words co-written by Jade Snow Calderon
Track 6, words by Aliester N, contains a sampled spiel from David Koresh
Track 12, contains lyrics lifted from Pink Floyd (Another Brick in The Wall),
with samples from The Orb (Orbus Terrarum)
Track 13 contains drum loops from Bjork (I Miss You)
Track 15, contains drum samples from Madness (Baggy Trousers)
Tracks 20 and 23 contains drum loops from New Order (Blue Monday)
Track 26, written, arranged, and produced by The Bottles

P & C DIY Tapes Ltd. 1992 to 1996

All tracks are remastered from the original 2 and 4 track cassettes
by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds
SSS Records 2010

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Tech Note: 
Hey kids, if you hear hissings, wobbles, clicks,
pops, uneven frequency responses,
or any weird noises, don't be alarmed. 
It's just the ancient sound of analogue.

This album is dedicated to all the young musicians of today.
May you consider the past  as the 
blueprint for the present,
and a vital ingredient for the future. 
And to all our friends and peers, 
we hope this glimpse into the past 
will fortify your present, and bring …
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and other SSS artists HERE