“Valentine’s Happened” (Maxi Single) – Joyce Agacer

Words/melody/vocals/voice recording and production by Joyce Agacer
Original version, music written and produced by Kass Ilagan
Additional production on track 1 and 5 by The Roadside Bums
for StickySweetSounds.
Track 2 remixed, arranged, and produced by The Delta 9 String Quartet
Track 3 reworked with additional instruments (bass, guitar, turntables and synths)
by Light$leeper
Track 4 score written, arranged, conducted, and produced by
The Trotsky Symphony Orchestra and the E. Carrol Street Drum Ensemble
with an all-new alternate vocals by Joyce Agacer
Track 5 (based on the original track) remixed, arranged, and produced
with additional instruments by The Roadside Bums, feat. Dextromethorman
on saxophone.


Download the single HERE

valentines happened (maxi single) - joyce agacer

SSS Records wishes to thank the artists/producers
who took part in this mighty endeavor.
Most especially to Joyce for gracing us with her talent,
to the extent of doing a re-recording of her vocal part for the Trotsky version.
In fact there’s also an alternate mix in the SSS vault, which we’re considering
for inclusion in future compilations.
What a trooper indeed. We certainly hope this is just the beginning
And there will be more “happenings” from her real soon.

Valentine's Happened

Doing my own thing
Nothing so special
I'm feeling just the same
I wasn't ready for something
So magical

Then you came...

My ordinary life
Turned wonderful at the sight...of you

Cupid hit me with love
The moment I met you
Cupid hit me real hard
The moment I met you

I think I gave up
Wasn't destined for love
Resigned to this thought
That I'll be alone...forever

Could I have been waiting
For this moment to come

Yes, you came...


It's Valentine's
The second I laid my eyes on you
It's Valentine's
His arrow went straight into my heart
It's Valentine's
This virus is spreading much too fast
It's Valentine's
Ooh, if love's a disease,
Don't cure me, no, no, don't, please...

Don't tell me it's wishful thinking
I've had my share of ups and downs
Don't I deserve this?
Don't I deserve to fall in love?


It's Valentine's
The moment I met you...

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