INASAL E.P. by Barbi Na Doll (free dload)

“Inasal E.P.”
Barbi Na Doll

01. sandy g
02. chicken barbi-q
03. letters of 17

bnd is:

Jasper Borbajo - vox populi, screamin' sweet nothings
and eccentric guitars

Kid Guevarra - sonic guitars

Jbee Borbajo - bass in your face

Edu Broce - technically hitting things only on drums

All tracks written, arranged, and performed by Barbi Na Doll
Produced by Iwa Motors and Five Fingered Toad. Replicated by RJ.
Recorded with Mr. Darryl Shy at White Sand Studio, Antipolo City
Track 1 remixed with additional production by the Bums
All tracks remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds


Barbi according to Jasper …

Barbi Na Doll=bnd

…is a concept band that plays "melodic" originals and some covers w/ influences from pop/rock/dance/new wave/fusion/ OPM w/ a strong Negrense spirit. The meaning is literally "Barbie Doll" in the vernacular. Barbie has come to be the symbol of the ultimate in feminine. She represents our aspirations, our admirations, our frustrations.

Formed in 2005 (with Original drummer Benji Apoyon), coming from different groups. Most of us are from "Gadfly," a locally known band in Negros. Based in Bacolod City, the band regularly plays in different bars, major events, private functions, and out of town gigs. The band has also appeared on TV and in print as well as on the radio. We have also had the privilege of opening w/ different OPM bands.

Our ultimate goal is to have a record deal with a major label that will help us produce our album.

To FoodShelterAndClothing "salamat gid sa Cybersong", hehe. And cheers to SSS Records, Thanks Amigos!

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Post Script

Jasper is currently with the Manila-based cult band Tanya Markova.
While busy hitting the club circuit, they are also preparing
for a soon-to-be released album.
And based on what we’ve seen on YouTube and heard so far,
we’re pretty certain they’re gonna be really huge!
All the best to Jasper and his crew.
We got yer back m8

inasal ep by Barbi Na Doll


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StickySweetSounds said...

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