HIATUS E.P. – Light$leep3r


"A dazed trip across the desolated freeways and alleyways of L.A. as seen behind the $leep3r's mirrorized specs"


1. Dre Sez
2. Basement Rock
3. Un Deux Tres
4. Please Use Rear Exit (DoIHave2?)
5. Cup Noodle Blues
6. Hiatus
7. The Flight Back
8. Please Use Rear Exit (Original Instrumental/Bonus Track)

Music written, arranged, performed, and produced by Light$leep3r
Track 1, spoken word by Andre Williams
Track 4, words/vocals written, arranged, performed, and produced by Bum Baby
With lyric excerpts from “Leave Me Alone” by New Order.
Additional post-production, synthesizers and FX by The Roadside Bums
Track 5, guitar by Moaner Lisa
All tracks remastered by The Bums for StickySweetSounds

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