The PodCraSSSh! (An SSS Podcast)– Various Artists


Tanya’s Inferno (Infernal Mix) by The Roadside Bums (feat. Tanya Markova) *
Butterfuck (Remix) by FullTimeBigot *
Regression on The Dancefloor by Zakada
Instrumental Shit by The Dirty Lolitas
Pabrika (Industriyalisasyon) by FoodShelterAndClothing + Elemento #
Waters of Men by Dhubbly
Bum Baby Smokes with Six The Northstar *
The Sweeper Seas by Ministry of Truth
As U Can Be by Trotsky and The Nosebleeds *
Dimsum by Light$leep3r *

(*) tracks exclusive to this compilation
(#) taken from the upcoming benefit album “Out of Element” by Various Artists

All tracks written and produced by its respective artists.
 Hosted by Bum Baby
Podcast recorded live on Aug. 31, 2010
at The Beaten Black n Blue Studio, Brgy. Sum-ag,
Bacolod City, Neg. Occ. , Phils.
Interview with Six conducted on Aug. 08. 2010 on location
@ Plaza Mart, Bacolod City using a portable voice recorder.
Remastered and produced by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds
P and C SSS Records 2010

(in no particular order)

Anim, Tanya Markova,
Ian Laczi, Kruger, Jem.
Spuky Pontino, Tiano, Giz, Max, Neurox,
Blend:er, Elemento, Peckel C.,
Pol C. ,,
Manuel the Man,
Tonette, Tengal,
Souljah P, Tungkod,
Mavi, Nobelle, Arlyn,
Rolin, Ian Roy, Arnold,
Pen, Giovanni, Budj n’ Wella,
Aftersyx blogspot,
 Generoso, Gran Matador Premium,
Don Enrique, Marlboro Lights,
All the China goods store at downtown BC,
All the Jack Sparrows at Era Mall and 888,
Tuseran Forte Capsule,
Erik Lacson, Pablo Reyes,
Aliester, all my online pals,
And to everyone who had the patience to listen to my spaced out ramblings…
(you should be thankful indeed for I actually just edited it to less than hour!)
Next time ill drink and smoke more shit…PROMISE!

Bum Baby

So why did I do a podcast? Well, SSS already released a coupla’ compilation albums, and right now there’s no reason to do another one.
Besides, even your damn dog does it, so why can’t I?

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