HolidaySSS by Various Artists (FREE DLOAD)

From Bacolod (Aero, Katumbal, Barbi Na Doll, Hardwater, FS&C, Etniktronika, FFF, Trotsky, Rubberduckies, XTR, Tiano),
to Iloilo (Six Pounder, Nervegasm) to Manila (NAFT, Cerumentric, FX Grand, Einstein Chakras, Joyce Agacer, Ugong, Utnapishtim, Oblong) to Los Angeles (Moaner Lisa, Light$leep3r, Muted Film, Colloidal Mixtures) to San Francisco (The Emoticons)...this is a celebration, a holiday for the true state of independent OPM as SSS Records recognizes and honors its relentless vitality, bold essence, and devil-may-care distinction.

Side One:

1. Another Year Is Here/ Krafty – FoodShelterAndClothing
2. Entropy – The Rubberduckies
3. Fallen Star – Names Are for Tombstones
4. Smith – Einstein Chakras
5. Koi Ha Matsukakashii Da Yo – Cerumentric
6. The Whore Next Door – Moaner Lisa
7. 15 Mins. (DJ Joint’s Joint) – Aero.
8. Chicken Barbi Q – Barbi Na Doll
9. Valentine’s Happened (Altern8 Vox) – Joyce Agacer & The Trotsky Symphony Orchestra
10. Snakes On The Dancefloor (PartyPooPers Remix) – Ugong
11. Monday – Oblong
12. Jingle Punk Rock – Katumbal

Side Two:

13. Konkan3 – FX Grand
14. Mixed Messages (TRB Edit) – The Emoticons
15. Lumbar Disc Bulge (ICU Edit) – Etniktronika
16. Diabolic Saint – Six Pounder
17. BS (Tokerman’s Edit) – Hardwater
18. Waste (Nervegasm’s WTF Mix) – FuckTheFuckingFuckers
19. As She Leaves Me With My Guitar – XTR
20. Sorry Kid – Trotsky & The Nosebleeds
21. Dim (Light$leep3r Edit) – Muted Film
22. The Solar Dance – Tiano
23. Always The Sun (UV Rays Edit) – The Colloidal Mixtures
24. Summerbreeze – Utnapishtim

Disclaimer: This is not a Christmas Album!
But it is a gift from usss to you:-)


the sss crew would like to thank all the artists involved who lent us their time, energy, and creations.
Props too, to everyone (y’all know who you are) for yer continued support, for you certainly made 2k9 such a memorable and
fruitful year. We’re surely counting on y’all to help make the coming years stickier and sweeter indeed.
Cheers to the holidaySSS!

Compiled, sequenced, and remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds.

TECH NOTE: tracks are encoded at 192 kbps MP3

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This album is dedicated in memory of Starlight and Goldie...all dawgs go to heaven.
And to Eric Woolfson (Alan Parsons Project).

errata: just got word from shikes of the emoticons that he missent us the track,hahaha. here's his email...

"man sorry i think i messed up
thats mixed have been sleepy when i attached the"
"just the change the song name if you can bro...mistletoe to mixed messages...dats it thought...sorry bad..."

so yeh, no worries then, we'll just have it change in the site, and to those who dloaded the album you can just rename the file:-)

its all good:-)

cheers and thanks shikes

bum baby

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