Dhub and The Backseat Drivers - Dhubbly

01. Sweet Delicacies feat. Ang Alamat ng Tungkod
02. Mellow Dramatic
03. Jane
04. Modal Soul (Ode to Nujabes)
05. Life As We Know It feat. Beef
06. The Twenty third
07. Rule of 2-3
08. Love Lost Last
09. Synchopated Waltz and Broken Drum Lines
10. Surviving The Matrix 101 feat. Oddjekt
11. Waters of Men feat. Six The Northstar
12. Old Habits

Brought to you by:  Moonbase Studios SSS Records Pain n' Ink Tattoo
Produced by Kruger Monares
All tracks are mixed and mastered by K. Monares @ Moonbase Studios except for Tungkod's vox, recorded in KB.  
Thank Yous: 
His majesty for reigning me with the blessed fruit of music. My family and friends for giving me the unconditional love. Jane and Dylan for the countless inspirations. To all the artist and musician who joined with me in this journey to life! Madamo nga salamat sa inyu nga tanan.