"Lag Talk E.P." - HARDWATER


1.  I.F.U.B.O.Y.A.YA.O. (ft. Xeff)
(Words by Max Cordero, Joseph Aquio II)
(Music by Beastie Boys*)

2.  What's Mine Not Mine Anymore (ft. Che)
(Words by Max Cordero, Edgar Allan Chia)
(Music by Light$leep3r**)

(Additional Remix by The Roadside Bums)

3.  At the End
(Words by Max Cordero)
(Music by Tiano***)

4.  Whats Ur Name
(Words by Max Cordero)
(Music by The Bottles****)

5.  Alternate Ending (What's Mine Not Mine Anymore) - ft Che & Six the Northstar
(Words by Edgar Chia, Max Cordero, Six Gantioqui)


* Sabrosa performed by The Beastie Boys
** 4L performed by Light$leep3r
*** Venus in Blue performed by Tiano.
**** The Bottles are: 
Bong (turntables/breakbeats/electroscratcher/vox),
Jem (bass) and Pen (synths). 
This track was recorded on a 4 track cassette in 1993
at the Beaten Black and Blue Studio, Brgy. Sum-ag, Bacolod City.

All tracks remastered by The Roadside Bums 
for StickySweetSounds 2011


Hunab Ku, Starman, Midnight Suns, Cluster Paul, Cluster Shun, The Power Napperz, TWC Firebirds,
Xeff, Che, Six the Northstar, Cholo, Ivan, The Roadside Bums, Light$leep3r, Tiano, Beastie Boys, Fliptop, Killer Bee 106.3 Bacolod, Giz Roque-Palma, Carlos D. Jackal, Ophiuchus, 
COE, CEO, Wawa Foronda, FC Team, SDBL, Lopez S. Here, Kelie Ko, Godo's Online Shop, VCF, Sony, CD-R King, WWN, Katumbal, Audacity, StickySweetSounds and all the sleeping third eyes.

Lag Talk is a Hardwater Jams With Production

(c) 2011 Cold Fusion Lagi! Music

Cover Art:
"Slumber" (oil on wood)
 by Belray Sian

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