Wiretapped by The Ministry of Truth

(Contains 192kbps Mp3 files and hi-res CD sleeve)

1.  The Dead Works
2. 1802 Promises
3. The Sweeper Seas
4. Sola Gratia
5. Ye Olde Radiowealth
6. The Sweeper Returns
7. 1802 Promises (TRB Remix) +

All tracks written, arranged, and produced by The Ministry of Truth,
except (+) additional music, arrangement, and remix by The Roadside Bums.
Remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds.
SSS Records 2010

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The Ministry of Truth are Osaka-born Himori Araiku and
DJwhoTECH of Brazil. Both met at a dance school in New York
in 2007 and have collaborated with each other from art shows
to small productions.

DJwhoTECH is a graphic artist by profession and Himori Araiku
works for an automobile company.

Tiano MD (Nancy Brew frontman)
is a musician from Bacolod, Philippines and collaborates
with the Ministry of Truth when schedules permit him.

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