Meet The Dead E.P. - FoodShelterAndClothing

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Halloween TreatSSS!

The electro-industrial mayhem of L1nT3ch

Bone-crushing alt-metal of Dezmigraena

A Ramones homage by Katumbal

Laptop jazz and worldbeats by The Ministry of Truth

Happy Halloween from StickySweetSounds!

Wiretapped by The Ministry of Truth

(Contains 192kbps Mp3 files and hi-res CD sleeve)

1.  The Dead Works
2. 1802 Promises
3. The Sweeper Seas
4. Sola Gratia
5. Ye Olde Radiowealth
6. The Sweeper Returns
7. 1802 Promises (TRB Remix) +

All tracks written, arranged, and produced by The Ministry of Truth,
except (+) additional music, arrangement, and remix by The Roadside Bums.
Remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds.
SSS Records 2010

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The Ministry of Truth are Osaka-born Himori Araiku and
DJwhoTECH of Brazil. Both met at a dance school in New York
in 2007 and have collaborated with each other from art shows
to small productions.

DJwhoTECH is a graphic artist by profession and Himori Araiku
works for an automobile company.

Tiano MD (Nancy Brew frontman)
is a musician from Bacolod, Philippines and collaborates
with the Ministry of Truth when schedules permit him.

SSS supports EDW8!

SSS Records is an official sponsor of Eternal Death Wake 8. 
In line with this will be the “re-launching’ of the compilation album HolidaySSS
limited edition CD copies of which, will be given away for FREE during the event.
For more info please visit the EDW8 official site (link above).

The Ramones Tribute E.P. - KATUMBAL

(a choice of 2 versions, one is the original band mix, 
and the other is the roadside bums remastered mix. 
each contains hi bit rate mp3 files and original hi res cd sleeve)


01. My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down
02. Rock N' Roll High School
03. Pet Cemetery
04. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

All tracks written by The Ramones,
except for track 04, words and music
by Lemmy Kilmister/ Motorhead
Arranged, produced, and performed by KATUMBAL

SSS Records 2010


Elcid Elumba - Lead vocals, Guitars
Artson Elumba - Drums, back-up vocals  
Deaux Magbanua - Bass, back-up vocals

For more info and music, please
visit KATUMBAL on Reverbnation

"The Search For The Crime Noise Volunteered Vandal " - L1NT3CH


*File includes a hi-resolution Printable CD Sleeve, bonus pictures, txt info, 
and all tracks are encoded at hi-bit Mp3 rates for maximum quality

All songs written, arranged, and produced by M,
except for "Surface Cause", M with additional music,
arrangement, and post-production by The Roadside Bums.

Mixed by Wilbert Tan

Mastered by The Roadside Bums at
the BeatenBlackandBlue Studio,
Sugar City, Philippines

Lintech is:

Music, Programming: M

Lintech Live is:

Jermaine Cordero
Randolf Franc Diaz
 Alan Oliveros

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For REAL industrial fans, turn up the volume.
Otherwise, Hold your breath and wait.

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