"Divebomb E.P." - Falstaff Hero

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1. Bituin
2. Anghel ng Bughaw na Umaga
3. Divebomb
4. Divebomb (Cluster Bum Remix) +

Music written, arranged,
performed,and produced by
Falstaff Hero
(+) additional instruments, fx,
arrangement, and post-production by
The Roadside Bums
All tracks remastered by
The Roadside Bums for

Falstaff Hero appeared in the "Jack Lives Here (In Session Manila)", a compilation of notable bands in the Manila scene which included: The Youth, Boldstar, Blacktooth Grin, Orange & Lemons, Violent Playground, Girl in Park, and Twisted Halo. Their song "Divebomb" had an LSS quality about it; raw, anthemic, powerful: chorus and the 2nd verse got me hooked.

Max Cordero
Triad Records CEO

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