"Analogue Whores (Double Album) - FoodShelterAndClothing

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Back in the day when every aspiring band in the country was trying hard to be the next Eraserheads, and every major record label were cashing in on the bandwagon of what they marketed as "alternative" Pinoy rock. These hicks from Sugarlandia were busy reinventing OPM by assimilating global music trends mixed with their prime influences from all over the musical map. Furiously writing, recording, and even independently releasing their own cassette albums, and selling them via mail-order (yes kids, it’s what your folks refer to as the pre-internet days). Never once succumbing to local tastes (thank heavens for that) but satisfying their own. FoodShelterAndClothing may not have mattered to most OPM pundits as they have never quite achieved the recognition and adoration of the mainstream. Not to mention, their proximity from Manila, where all the supposedly hot shit acts are. But as apparent to this collection, they have accomplished something close or even akin to most unsung yet seminal music legends of the past, who eventually became influential in their own right.
As far as this writer is concerned, they opened up my senses to the then burgeoning electronica and dance music scenes, when grunge and novelty type Pinoy pop ruled the airwaves. They fueled my angst-filled teen years with industrial metal and electro-punk when everyone I know were proclaiming their love of Axl Rose and Bon Jovi. Hell, they (FS&C) even preceded the 80's retro phenomenon of the 00's inanely dubbed as "nu rave" and "electro-clash" with their penchant for producing unabashed synth-pop ditties (whilst garbed in collared shirts and blazers), back when everyone was busy aching to be the new guitar god. Moreover, I recall back in 1992, that  they are also one of the few “rock-oriented” bands to have actually utilized the turntable as an instrument, long before the advent of the so called “nu metal” bands with their hip hop posturings. Pioneers you say? Maybe, but after listening to their stuff, its safe to say, that they are no more than a
bunch of freaks who’s just always one step ahead of the pack.
These collection of tracks from their "analogue vault",are more than enough evidence that FS&C is not a "has been" nor a "never was" (apparently, they are more like the “been there, done that” types), but perhaps they can now be regarded as a bonafide icon, that is regardless of where your musical affiliations lie. Perhaps they are considered as the true "Lo-Fi Warriors" (as stated in one of their concert flyers from more than a decade ago) in some parallel universe, where the late John Peel is alive and is the house DJ, Godflesh and Kraftwerk are the house bands, non-working holidays are declared whenever there's a festival featuring Can, Joy Division, The Doors, and The Velvet Underground, and yes, a place where David Bowie is the prime minister, and The Sex Pistols and The Clash are members of the parliament.   Now, unlike that old adage: "the more you change, the more you stay the same", in a musical sense, FS&C is the complete anti-thesis of that! So here's looking forward to them “staying the same, yet forever changing”, while we await for the next collection. "Digital Bitches",  anyone? 

Green Girl For A Blue World
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
2:41 PM

Listening to FoodShelterAndClothing is “required reading” for any self-respecting musician in this country.  To not know fs&c is like singing Lupang Hinirang in English. 
Analogue Whores marks the beginning of the revolution!

Triad Records CEO,
Frontman of The Rubberduckies/Hardwater

(Part One 1992 to 1995)

1. Funnybones
2. Scorpio In Jupiter
3. Doof!
4. Conversations
5. Do I Have To?
6. Waco World
7. Tokers Inc.
8. The Mommy Factor
9. The Feast
10. Maggots
11. Disaster Brigade
12. Main Man
13. Bum Baby

 (Part Two: 1995 to 1996)

14. The Opposition
15. Boy Beats World
16. Scully’s Song
17. The Storm I
18. Another Opening
19. Rusted With Gold
20. The Oscillator
21. The Streaker
22. Amphibian Ambition
23. Swingaway
24. The Bugger
-Bonus Tracks-
25. The Pharmacy (live & direct, 1995)
26. Spaced Out (The Bottles, 1992)

(Cast of Characters)
Jem – bass, lead vocals on 8, 9, 10, 19, 21, 24,
          guitar on 13, 16, synth-bass on 19
Chris – guitar on 2, 4, 9-12, 14, 15, 19-21,23-25,
             additional synths on 12, 20, 21, 23, 24,
Bong – vocals, drums, percussions, guitar on 1, 6, 8, synthesizers,
             harmonica on 9, turntables on 4, 7, 12,  17, 21, samples,
             electro-scratcher, over-all drum and synth programming
Ian – guitar on 7, bass, words, and vocals on 16, synths on 26
Pen – synthesizers on 5, 17, 23
Hugene – drums on 1,2, 5, 25
Aliester – spoken word on 6
Ariel Simon – guitar on 26

 (Song Credits)

Words and music by FoodShelterandClothing except where indicated.
Track 2 contains lyrics lifted from the ff., Kate Bush (Cloudbusting),
Human League (LoveAction), Simple Minds (New Gold Dream),
and David Bowie (Fashion).
Track 4, words co-written by Jade Snow Calderon
Track 6, words by Aliester N, contains a sampled spiel from David Koresh
Track 12, contains lyrics lifted from Pink Floyd (Another Brick in The Wall),
with samples from The Orb (Orbus Terrarum)
Track 13 contains drum loops from Bjork (I Miss You)
Track 15, contains drum samples from Madness (Baggy Trousers)
Tracks 20 and 23 contains drum loops from New Order (Blue Monday)
Track 26, written, arranged, and produced by The Bottles

P & C DIY Tapes Ltd. 1992 to 1996

All tracks are remastered from the original 2 and 4 track cassettes
by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds
SSS Records 2010

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Tech Note: 
Hey kids, if you hear hissings, wobbles, clicks,
pops, uneven frequency responses,
or any weird noises, don't be alarmed. 
It's just the ancient sound of analogue.

This album is dedicated to all the young musicians of today.
May you consider the past  as the 
blueprint for the present,
and a vital ingredient for the future. 
And to all our friends and peers, 
we hope this glimpse into the past 
will fortify your present, and bring …
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"Divebomb E.P." - Falstaff Hero

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1. Bituin
2. Anghel ng Bughaw na Umaga
3. Divebomb
4. Divebomb (Cluster Bum Remix) +

Music written, arranged,
performed,and produced by
Falstaff Hero
(+) additional instruments, fx,
arrangement, and post-production by
The Roadside Bums
All tracks remastered by
The Roadside Bums for

Falstaff Hero appeared in the "Jack Lives Here (In Session Manila)", a compilation of notable bands in the Manila scene which included: The Youth, Boldstar, Blacktooth Grin, Orange & Lemons, Violent Playground, Girl in Park, and Twisted Halo. Their song "Divebomb" had an LSS quality about it; raw, anthemic, powerful: chorus and the 2nd verse got me hooked.

Max Cordero
Triad Records CEO

Visit Falstaff Hero on FRIENDSTER
or Tek Templo on MULTIPLY

Six The Northstar – The Galacticquantumleap EP (FREE DLOAD)


This E.P. is co-released by SSS RECORDS through the courtesy and with permission from Six The North Star.

SSS 2010

Track originally taken from Communique: Message Sent (maxi single) by FoodShelterAndClothing (SSS Records 2008)
Also available on "Galacticquantumleap E.P." by Six The Northstar
(SSS Records 2010)