The Prophecy E.P. by HARDWATER

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The Prophecy E.P. by HARDWATER

1. The Prophecy I
2. Twenty Twelve
3. Cold Fusion (A Call for Change)
4. The Prophecy II
5. Walk In The Sky
6. The Prophecy III
7. World Peace
8. The Prophecy IV

All songs above are mixed and sequenced as a single track.
It’s specially designed to be listened to, in its entirety.

The Prophecy (Bonus Versions)

1. Cold Fusion (Moaner Lisa Version)
2. Walk In The Sky (Utnapishtim Version)

The Prophecy (Original Spoken Word)

1. Twenty Twelve
2. Cold Fusion
3. Walk In the Sky
4. World Peace

Spoken word written, recorded, and produced by Hardwater
Additional voice by Owla Ma’ Maki on Walk In The Sky, with words
from “The Third Secret of Fatima”, recorded and produced by Hardwater
Music written, arranged, mixed, sequenced, and produced
by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds.

P & C SSS Records 2010

The Prophecy Fulfilled

Twenty Twelve –

Some of the things people expect in 2012 are: a cataclysm of the 4 elements (earth, fire, wind, water), a pandemic, an asteroid (or Planet X) on a collision course with the Earth, a polar shift, an ice age, a spiritual enlightening. The Mayans prophesied an entry into a new cycle, where their Long Count Calendar "resets" to the 13th katun on December 20, 2012.

Cold Fusion –

Cold fusion IS the future. Big Oil has silenced one of the foremost names in the advocacy of cold fusion, Dr. Eugene Mallove (whose name appears in the credits of the cold fusion-inspired film ,The Saint). The Earth is 2/3 water, the human body is 2/3 water, and water recycles itself too. A cold fusion reaction is self-sustaining, a characteristic inherent to water which is cold fusion's primary raw material.

Walk in the Sky –

On October 17, 1917, the sun "danced" to a crowd of 70,000 in Cova da Iria, Portugal. The Secrets of Fatima were revealed to three children; a great prophecy that outlines war, famine, and a firing squad of members of the Church, including the Pope.

World Peace –

A satirical take on the Second Coming.

Acknowledgements (Hardwater)

The Supreme Being, Cordero clan, Convergys (for the suspended animation), TP (for the Audacity), The Roadside Bums, Utnapishtim, Moaner Lisa, Giz Palma, Paul Go, Rel de Pedro, Jet Javellena, Hazel Forkner, Mau Viray, the Midnight Suns, and to everyone waiting for the sky to fall.

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finally, me (bum baby) got to meet up with max (hardwater) around 4 pm today (may 1, 2010) at some japanese resto here in sugar city. needless to say, we never got see face-to-face during the making of "the prophecy e.p.". we only met up so i could deliver to him the cd (uncompressed .wav) version of the said e.p..,and to chat and catch up a bit,hehe. nevertheless, we reckon we should meet up more often and work on future projects as well.yo, it's all good indeed:-)

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