"Fire & Rain E.P." by Never Forget the Cause

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1.Ignorance is Bliss
2.The True Cost of Coal
3.Climate Change is Real
4.Marching to the Symphony of Destruction
5.Slam on the Brake and Make a U-turn from the Brink
6.The Monkey Wrench Gang
7.Viva la (re)evolucion!

All tracks by nftc.
Personnel: Never Forget The Cause, Nameless Accomplice,
and Senseless Apprentice

SSS Records 2010 with permission from Unity of Opposites.

To know more about nftc, please visit them on the ff. links:




SSS Records wishes to thank nftc for their trust, confidence, and continued support.
We wish you all the best indeed. cheers to chuck and co.


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01. FoodShelterAndClothing
02. The Funhouse Trio
03. Happyboy
04. Moaner Lisa
05. Utnapishtim

words and music by fsandc. produced and remastered by the Roadside Bums


01. On Speed
02. Shutdown Mix
03. Restart 9 Version

original version appears on Name Are For Tombstones Restart 9 Remix album (2009)
words and music by NAFT
This version, contains music and additional words (vocals) by foodshelterandclothing
and fuckthefuckingfuckers. all tracks remastered by The Roadside Bums


fsandc would like to thank all the artists who lent their talents to this project.
to Happyboy, thanks for for inviting us to join yer "party" without whom, HATE would not have been born:-)lookin forward to work with you again. and to Noel (NAFT), again thanks for the opportunity you've given us to mess around with yer beloved track:-) its one helluva thrill ride m8, and yes we're lookin fwd to another round.
and of course to all our pals and supporters, y'all know how much we love you. thanks for always being there. to the haters, fuck y'all and yer families too! LOL
remember this is just the beginning of 2010, and y'all know this only means we got 11 more months to fuck things up! woohoo!

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