“Les Arbre E.P. (The SSS Edition)”:Einstein Chakras (free dload)

1. Hangga't Maari (Ayokong Pumatay)
2. Fred
3. Smith
4. Hangga’t Maari (El Creepo Mix)
5. Fred (The Bum Factory Mix)
6. Hangga’t Maari (Live @ Checkpoint)

Les Arbre E.P. (The SSS Edition):Einstein Chakras

All tracks written, produced, and performed by the Einstein Chakras.
Tracks 1 to 3 were previously released under Triad Records.
Track 4 remixed with added bass, synthesizers, and loops by Light$leep3r
Track 5 remixed with additional instrumentations and fx by The Bum Factory
Track 6 audio track was remixed/mastered from the video file uploaded on YouTube
All tracks in this edition were re-sequenced and remastered
by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds.

Props to the Chakras and Max Cordero of Triad Records for allowing SSS to
Re-release this Post-Modern Punk Masterpiece.

FREE Download HERE

Die Einstein Chakras Tale

It was July 1994 when Einstein Chakras was born. Their first rehearsal was in Pritel, Tondo studio for 60 bucks with just an electric fan (no air-conditioning). The bands name then was Die Einstein (german for The Einstein). Einstein Chakras is a “scientist punk” band, it means synthesis of matter and ideas, it deals in our organic experiences, in short its a long story. Influenced by Bobby and Alfred of The Wuds (pioneers of Pinoy Punk), Pinoy Folk legends Asin, Toydolls, The Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, The Smiths and other protest and socio-political conscious artists.

The ideology is leftist, the music punk. In the Philippines, where money is scarce and FM radio formats predominantly colonial, Einstein Chakras are representative of every proletariat worker’s revolution agenda. Their debut release Les Arbre tackles socio-cultural issues like neo-imperialism and minimum wage. With globalization and democracy mainly serving US interests, the Chakras’ anthemic Hangga’t Maaari (Ayokong Pumatay) (in English: as much as possible, I do not want to kill) is an echo of the rest of the world’s aversion to stateside influence.

Knop Reyes is the voice , the writer, and the maker of their songs. Andy on lead guitar and Nodie on bass. Sid Gabrillo came when the group decided to get a really good drummer. The group then, rehearsed on Sid’s garage in Makati. former members of Einstein Chakras were Ken Dela cruz, Brandy and Prans.

Their first political song was Joe’s Pet that has gotten airplay in Visayas and some parts of Mindanao.
Their debut album “1st Plenum in the Kingdom of Necessity” is still out in the metro.
Available at Magnet Café/Bar and select stores in Recto.

They were also featured in “Huling Balita Album: Songs for the Disappeared” was launched at the Newsdesk Café in Quezon City last April 27, 2008.
The said album was for the benefit of the Free Jonas Burgos Movement, to bring awareness to the countless victims of human rights abuses perpetrated by the so called powers-that-be. They were alongside such noteworthy Pinoy acts like, Jess Santiago, Noel Cabangon, Radioactive Sago Project, Cooky Chua among others.

The band plays in Mayrics, Freedom Bar, Sazi’s Bar, Dayo Bar, Saguijo, and other bars in Manila that has attitude. They also play in historical mobilizations for working class interest. Einstein Chakras is affiliated with Rock Against the Round an Anti-WTO movement.

Einstein Chakras on the web, please visit:


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