QUACK! The Untold Story of Rubberduckies

1. Humdrum
2. Pervertion
3. My Mind is Soaked in Gin
4. N.S.E.
5. Aftermath of a Heart Attack
6. Lazarus Rising
7. Anticlimax Villain
8. Entropy
9. Go
10. Dark Mall (and a Useless Fool) *
11. What the Heck
Bonus Tracks
12. My Mind is Soaked in Gin (Light$leep3r Remix)
13. Anticlimax Villain (The Roadside Bums Remix)

Rubberduckies are:

Max Cordero - vocals
Paolo Claudio - guitars, vocals
Bu - bass
James Tan - drums
Harold Ortega - bass on Track 2, Track 3, Track 4, Track 11
Carlo R. Sanchez - drums on Track 7
Light$leep3r – turntables, fx, samples and over-all remix on track 12
The Roadside Bums – additional instruments and remix on track 13

All words & music by Rubberduckies
© 2009 Rubber Rock n Roll Music
Recorded at Sweetspot Studios
Engineered by Noel Brackinghe
except Tracks 2, 3, 4, 11
recorded “live and direct” at Worldbeat Studios circa 1996
* Recorded & mixed at Klub Gabaldoni
Produced by Rubberduckies
Remastered by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds



Duckdude Max Cordero dishes out the dirt with Boing (fs&c/sss) right HERE

QUACK! Rubberduckies

Duck o’ graphy:

The Lost Tapes (unreleased) - 1996
we're rubber, not faking (unreleased) - 2003
The Third Prong EP – 2004 (Triad Records)

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