THE NORMAINE SESSIONS (album): Light$leep3r

"this album chronicles my stay at both Normandie and Romaine
(hence "Normaine") apartments in lalaland back in 2k6"

El Sleep3r

the normaine sessions - light$leep3r

Light$leep3r: programming,XBOX,guitars,
casio sa-5 keyboard,percussions,turntables,
thc420, drum programming,samples,loops,

all tracks written, arranged, performed
and produced by Light$leeper,except where indicated.

Tracks 2 and 11 remixed and produced by FoodShelterAndClothing
which originally appeared on the remix album "Mixified" (2008)
Track 12 remixed with additional instruments by The Bums (2009)

Recorded at Normaine Studio One,
Los Angeles,Ca. USA
2006 Morning Coffee Records

Remastered and Sequenced by The Roadside Bums for StickySweetSounds
P and C SSS RECORDS 2009

Please click HERE to download for free.

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