the pharmacy (1995) by foodshelterandclothing

This one's requested by a long lost pal who just came back from the land of oz.hope all's well m8:-)
the song was originally recorded back in 1995 and is included in our second cassette album "cut and paste". eventually, it was remixed and included in our first nationwide released, CRACKED EP under the defunct Triad records, back in 2004. then, we decided to re-recorded it as a duo back in 2005, and was included in our online double album COME AGAIN (1992-2006).incidentally, the said version has a different video included in our BADACIDFLICKS DVD(2006). whew!
as for this video, this was shot back in 1996, by ian laczi as a student project of sorts. and later despite its dodgy quality, it was exhibited at the cultural Center of the Phils., during a student film festival in the same year. whilst the "druggy" effects and additional texts were later added in 2006, as part of the mentioned dvd release.
you might be wondrin, why we went with all the trouble doin all these for just one song? well, accdg. to loads of feedback (i hope most of em our sincere, hehe), this is like the quintessential fs&c track ever made! and no gig we did was complete without any requests for this song (thats the honest truth!). personally, i find it quite funny coz we (me, jem,chris, and hugene, the drummer shown in the vid) wrote the damn thing in a few hours, and we committed it to tape in the same afternoon). it was one of the "painless" tracks we ever did, that's why i never get tired of playing, it always takes me to a place and time, when things were great,and shit was cheap! haha. anyhoo, to those of you of just heard/see this for the first timw.we certainly hope, you'll like it too:-)

P.S. like lookin at old photos, watching old videos of me is not just a hair-raising experience,its a blood curdling one! lol
so where you when the storm broke back in '95?

watch out for upcoming releases from SSS RECORDS

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