Moaner Lisa is a one man army. A vocalist/multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Bacolod (you can check his birth certificate if you must), and spent his wonder years in Iloilo. Despite being based in Los Angeles for nearly a decade now, the cat can still say “yuta mo eh!”, or “bilatibay niyo tanan!” as crispy and gooey as freshly baked piaya. After several years of dabbling in electronica and dance music as LightSleep3r, and dreampop with the now defunct L.A.-based band, Muted Film, he decided to pursue his other musical passion which is 60’s based psychedelic garage rock with a dash of mod, punk, and surf music (must be inspired by the beaches and bitches of L.A.). I must say, it’s a welcome treat indeed. Perhaps it will also enthuse the young uns to take interest in such a diverse and multi-faceted soundscape. He made it clear though that he wont be abandoning his electronic roots, its just right now he finds picking up a guitar, bass, and harmonica a real challenge, and a chance to go back to his roots as frontman of one of Iloilo’s premiere new wave bands in the late 80’s, the Colloidal Mixtures. Speaking of which, he did an alternate version of BAC-UP, arranged and performed in the style of his first band.
He said, it’s just an experiment, to see if he can actually resurrect the sound that made made ‘em quite a cult band back in the day. And I say, it sounds just as well if not even better. In fact, I urged him to write some more tunes in that vein, and perhaps we could release it under his old moniker, which is just righteous. I will most definitely keep you all posted regarding this.


“It’s good to be back…,
It’s good to be right on track again.
My head was a mess, and so was yours
We wanted another chance to fail”

First, I find it weird talking about my lyrics, but I reckon it’d be nice to give you lovely peeps a little insight.
To those not familiar with the Philippines, the title is what we refer to as a police station/precinct, I don’t know why but that’s how it is, haha. And yes, it’s got nothing to do with the lyrics, hehe. It’s just a play on the word “back” which is the original title.
The lyrics was inspired after the homecoming last year of our (fs&c) guitarist Christian del Castillo, whom some of you might know, played in 2 of our recent singles “Communique” and “Drugstar”. It’s actually like a welcome greeting written for a long lost pal, as he’s been living in Japan, and like Moaner Lisa he’s been away for almost a decade now too. Ironically, after reviewing the song, I reckon it’s better suited for Moaner Lisa (being in a similar predicament with Chris). After hearing his take on it, hands down I say he now owns the damn muthafucker, hehe. By the way, this is just the first of a series songs I wrote for the dude, there’s a coupla more, so don’t light up yer last joint yet
As for the production process, t’was quite easy as pie. Since I’ve always been a fan of oldskool garage rock, there were just a few minor tweaks, albeit to make the tracks sound like t’was recorded in an actual garage, hehe. Just added a few contemporary twist, turns and tricks I learned from Dan “the automator” Nakamura’s school of audio sorcery, hehe. Now here it is! Crank up yer hi-fi and dance like hell!


Song credits

Moaner Lisa: vocals, bass, guitar, harmonica, drums, soundbites
Bong: organ on dirty vinyl mix, additional soundbites and various fx

Written, arranged, and produced by Moaner Lisa and FoodShelterAndClothing

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